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Words Of Thanks

I received a lovely letter of thanks from the Ransom Family regarding their Father, Dennis' service. It always an honour and of course sad to be asked again to help a family, only 6 months after their Mother's funeral.

"As you know we thought the service you conducted for Mum back in July was lovely and I insisted that the date for Dad's Cremation had to fit in with when you were available! However the service for Dad, which remembered them both and spoke so intimately and passionately about their lives together and their being together again in the future, well surpassed that.

We were very happy with the service you conducted, including the lovely touching poem you wrote about Dad and Mum's first meeting. Also the little humorous stories, which meant a lot to everybody ! But it wasn’t just the service that you had written it was the way you put it across, it was absolutely lovely, heartfelt and SO sincere. You didn't claim to have known Mum and Dad personally, but your service came across almost as if you had known them and absolutely captured the mood of their lives together in such a touching and lovely way... thank you"

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